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Our story

Little Dutch is a family business that has its origins in an attic and has since developed into a company with over 45 employees. Founder Rinke van der Helm: “When I was pregnant with our eldest child, I was looking for lovely accessories for the nursery. Because I couldn't find them, I started making my own lamps. I received lots of positive reactions from my environment. Seeing how these products make parents and children so happy was amazing, and it made me want more. Conveying love through beautiful, loving and unique products and to add a little extra family joy still is the key drive behind everything we do at Little Dutch. I am incredibly proud that Little Dutch has grown from that one lamp into an international label with an extensive assortment for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. My team and I will continue to look for new ways to make even more children and parents happy.”

Little Dutch is a Dutch-born brand for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers.

For more than a decade, our in-house design team has been creating a wide collection of versatile products that are equally interesting and practical. For in the house or on the go. Things to keep for yourself or to give as a present. Little Dutch designs are an enrichment for children who grow up and parents who bring up.

From toys and bed linen to essentials and decoration. Little Dutch ensures that each product is a real treasure. We think of the little ones as much as we follow their parent’s wishes.
Our products provide a timeless sense of style, are fun to play with, and completely safe for use by children.

Little Dutch is committed to supporting both parenthood and the development of every child as much as possible, no matter what the day brings. Our designs are as functional as they are fascinating. They sparkle joy, add comfort, and bring ease.

Little Dutch makes everyday happiness more happy.


Design & Collection
To us, quality and design are both equally important. Our products are carefully crafted with the greatest care and attention. Plus, parents can be confident that every piece is thoroughly tested. Each product features surprising details and is made from high-quality materials.

Every year we introduce new themes with aesthetically pleasing prints that you’ll see throughout our various collections. This gives our products a more distinct look and feel.

Timeless but interesting, our products are designed to incorporate into your daily family routines and to seamlessly blend with your interior. 


Little Dutch is all about love and family. 
About every day rituals or unexpected moments. About daily routines and new adventures. From playing and sleeping to caring and entertaining.

With beautifully designed, comfortable quality products, we aim to make every small or big step in a child’s development more enjoyable, and we hope to support both mums and dads through the many challenges of parenthood.


Little Dutch is an infinite pursuit of family happiness.

It’s our dream to become a worthy addition to growing children and their parents, day and night. During early childhood, we aim to inspire with versatile and loving products that add more happiness to the first years of every child’s life.


‘Enjoy the little things’

It’s the little things in daily life that bring us true happiness. Like seeing a smile on a child’s face or a newborn that sleeps safely and soundly. Having a cozy family dinner or playing together with your kids. But also, a nursery that feels comforting and warm or a care product that you gratefully use. Little Dutch encourages children and their parents to enjoy the little things in life.



Little Dutch draws inspiration from the unconditional love that parents have for their children. This love is at the core of every collection and you will see it in each product.
We devote ourselves to realizing great designs by sourcing the finest materials and focusing on every little detail.

From soft textile and educational toys to beautiful accessories for a nursery or kids’ bedroom. Little Dutch focuses on the different stages of child development and taps into every moment of every day. Our collections consist of versatile products that have been designed to complement each other.

Incredibly soft and made for maximum convenience.
Our products bring extra comfort to both kids and their parents. Each design is carefully crafted with care and attention. We do everything to guarantee that our products are reliable and safe for use by children.

Little Dutch turns everyday life into an adventure with attractive textures, fun colors, and appealing designs. Our products are sure to challenge your children. They encourage kids to let their imagination run wild and help them to practice new skills. But above all, they are incredibly fun for the whole family.